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Book Title: Red Blood Blue Blood & the Royal Heart

Author: Arati Basnet

ISBN: 9788193715727

Category: Summer Sale!!

Binding: Soft Cover

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This book is the story of my life. I was a red blood, a commoner before I met Princess Prekshya Shah of Nepal who turned me into the royal I am now. I am today a healer who does her best to give back to the world more than she takes in but looking back to my days I feel I wouldn’t be what I am without every milestone, every person and every hearth. I owe this life, this alluring, elegant and fanciable bevy of experiences to so many I’m humbled before, Princess Prekshya Shah, Master Hiro Kazu Kobayasi, Mouji Baba and a few others you’ll meet in the book. So I call out to you reader, come take this journey with me, the journey through a retelling of my life, my short, enviable, dramatic, torpid, tedious and vexed about life. From lessons of learning to bitter ones and some beautiful memories, from struggles of endurance to a much tougher rendition of me, come take a look into a royal heart as never before.


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