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Book Title: Ma Sakchu (Paperback)

Author: Karna Sakya

ISBN: 9789937665452

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Binding: Soft Cover

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Mauri makes rice sauce from the floral flower in the garden, but he never loses the flowers. More often, by polluting, helps in the reproduction of flowers and plants, so that the biological diversity remains in forest. Others honey Mauritian does not know how to make honey eat. He does not attack others until he loses harm to his servants. Mauri 'keeps working on making her honey till her stay. He creates a high-level man from the keys he made. It boasts a long time and it sinks fragrantly. Successful entrepreneurs are like a beer. They contribute to society by working as a working class throughout life. This book is a guide guide to wishing to be such an entrepreneur, which is not only the author's intimate ideas about Entrepreneurship, and there are inspiring profiles of 35 successful entrepreneurs in Nepal.

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