About Us

What do we do?

Laibary.com is an online platform for books. It is an online bookstore with a rich collection of books ranging from fictions, to children's books and business reads. Besides being an online retail shop for books, Laibary also provides a platform where people can come together to swap, exchange or sell their used books.


Why did we do?

Basically, there are two reasons for the launch of this platform:

1. Connect and grow a network of the readers' community. More often than not, once a book is read, there is a less chance of you reading the book again, so our platform would be a perfect place that will allow you to swap/trade books at your own terms and conditions with other book enthusiasts like you. It will help circulate used books among different readers, save you money and above save trees.

2. Buy New books from us directly at an affordable price. If you like our initiative, please help spread the word. Happy Reading!!!